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Painting the right picture about your organisation, aligned to your purpose and your work on the field.

Through our communications wing, Butterfly Effect, we help organisations working in the social and development sector to communicate their purpose engagingly, remaining true to their values and vision. Our communication engagement tries to highlight efforts towards a cause, and involve all stakeholders to give a holistic idea. 

Community-led content creation is significant to ensure that the space of expression is open and accessible to all. We conduct workshops and trainings to equip community members to generate their own content. 

What We Do

We document projects and processes through short films, documentaries and photo features. Our engagement involves engaging in the field with multiple stakeholders to get a holistic perspective.

CSR Films

Companies and organisations contribute in multitude of ways to impact the life of communities. We document 

CSR Initiatives to showcase different ways of engagement and impact.

Organisation Stories

Many social businesses work balancing sustainability and impact. We tell stories of how these organisations create impact in the lives of marginalised communities through innovative business models. 

Stories of Change

We believe that visual stories create an engaging audience to communicate impact. Through short impact stories, we share the progress, challenges and impact campaigns and projects have. 

Awareness and Advocacy

One of the primary steps to behaviour change is awareness. We believe that information is a key part of how human beings and communities respond to a cause. Through awareness and advocacy films we try to bring forth stories which deserve an audience.

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