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Collaborations and Partnerships keep experiences alive.


Inner Voice and Jatta partner to create tailor-made experiences across the continents in The Netherlands and India.


Travel across borders to re-discover yourself and understand your personal and organisational journey.


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Jatta: this is who I am; a mentor in personal and organisational development

It was in 2003 that I traveled to Gambia, West Africa, for the very first time. Once there, I realized how much it matters where you were born; where your crib stood. At the same time I discoverd that the people in Gambia have dreams and wishes as well, future expectations, just like me. I discovered that we both share a passion in wanting to organize things differently and find an alternative way of doing things. And this was not only for ourselves but also, and maybe even more, for the ones we love and the ones we work together with. The woman who taught me this was a woman called Jatta.

One evening, when we were cooking together, sitting on these low stools covered by a corrugated roof, the surrounding air thick of smoke; she told me her life story filled with the drive to work towards a renewed future.

A story straight from her heart. 

When I left, she assigned me her name as a symbol of solidarity and she expressed the whish that I would continue to dream, to learn and to shape my future. The rhythm of the African drums, which accompanied the ceremony, made me realize that a heart should always be open!

This woman Jatta, shapes my thoughts and has a warm place in my life. And, as I believe, nothing exists without a history and as a tribute to her; I named my company: Jatta.

Mieke Steenveld

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