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Founded in 1949 by Max Herz, Tchibo has stood for freshness and quality at the coffee market for over 65 years. From the original consignor of coffee, an internationally active company Tchibo has consistently expanded its range of products and sales channels and has ensured diversity and quality with strong brands all over the world with an annual turnover of 3.4 billion euros headquatered in Hamburg,Germany

WE stands for "Worldwide Enhancement of Social Quality". What is special about WE: The training approach is based on dialogue as the driving force for change and implementation. The focus is on the dialogue between managers and employees in production facilities, as well as between trading companies and suppliers in the supply chains. 

The goal is the sustainable improvement of working conditions in production facilities in the consumer goods industry in developing and emerging countries.

The WE program has reached more than 400 production sites in Asia and Africa by the end of 2016. Apart from textiles, the companies also produce jewelry, electronics, furniture, metal, kitchen and leather goods for Tchibo and other international customers.



Jaikumar Chandrashekar has been a "WE" Facilitator since February 2017 working with different factories in India. He has been facilitating sessions and creating awareness through dialogue on the issues of human rights. 

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